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Speed Dating Event!

Saturday, February 15, 2014
2:00-4:30 pm

Have you been thinking about a new sewing machine?

Looking for the right sewing machine for you?

One that will give you hours of enjoyment and just coax the ooohhs and aaaahhs out of you?

One that you can love and look forward to many happy years together?

One that will sit by your side and be happy for all the projects you'd like to do?

Well, here's the plan!!!!!  Speed Dating with sewing machines!!!

Join us for two hours to try out 10 different machines.  You'll have 10 minutes on each machine to see how it sews, how easy it is to select stitches, how accessory feet work on it, see how the built in walking foot gives you greater control, all while making a project you will love!

Call the store to reserve your seat.  Cost is $10 for the supplies to make the project.  Find THE machine you'd like to bring home?  We'll double the project fee and take that off the asking price.  Space is limited to 10 people.

Note:  Not all machines in this speed dating event are new....some are previously enjoyed (what a fool she was to let it go!!!!)  Previously enjoyed machines have many good years left in them and have outstanding loyalty!  While they may not be the best "lookers", they have great personalities!!!!!

One lucky "couple" will win a Dream Class of their choosing!

This is going to prove to be a FUN afternoon!