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Row by Row Experience® began in 2011 with 20 quilt shops across New York State. Today thousands of stores in the US, Canada and Europe welcome travelers through their doors. Travelers collect row patterns, then create stunning quilts with those rows … and no two are alike!

Although the quilt shops are organized by area, quilters have no borders. Travel, shop, collect patterns and add rows to your quilt from anywhere! Row by Row Taste the Experience starts June 21, 2019.

Here is our row for this year!  Berry Jars.  Can't you just taste the deliciousness!  Learn how to make a three dimensional ruffle. Row Kits are Sold Out!
You can make our row into a table runner or wall hanging as we did!  Finishing kits are sold out.

We ordered new fabric license plates for this year.....

And here is our Row By Row Junior....pattern is free for youth aged 6-16 but ANYONE can buy a kit (which includes the pattern!).  He's a Jelly fish!  Jams and jellies - you see the connection!