Our PFAFF Club is made up of PFAFF machine owners who meet monthly for a lecture/demonstration of techniques, projects, accessories or other information in the continuation of their learning all aspects and capabilities of their incredible PFAFF Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery machines.

Monthly meetings: Second Tuesday of the month (11 am), and third Tuesday of the month (7 pm)

Club coordinator:  Valerie

If you are interested in joining, please call the store….413-525-4789 (Annual Dues $55.00 if you purchased your Pfaff machine from us; $375 general membership)

Morning Pfaff Club March 2015        


2018 Meeting Schedule:

Back To Basics....With a Twist!

January 16 (both am & pm):                    Cleaning Your Machine             

February 13 or 20                                    Know Your Feet

March 13* or 20                                        Thread
*Snowstorm.  Rescheduled to the 20th. 

April 10 or 17                                           Stabilizers (And Nine-Patch Swap*)

May 8 or 15                                              Cutters, Rulers & Mats

June 12 or 19                                            Irons

July 10 or 17                                             Quilting

August 14 or 21                                         Embroidering

Sept 11 or 18                                             Serging

October 9 or 16                                          Needle Knowledge

November 13 or 20                                    Know Your Hoops

December 18 (Both Groups at 7 pm)                    Holiday Party!

Nine Patch Swap Info
Participation is optional but the response was great!
So here's how to play:
1) You need to prepare 12 bags of 12 nine-patches. So that would be 12 different nine patches in each bag, twelve bags, a total of 144 nine patches.
2) Nine patches would have the dark fabrics in the center and corners, lights on the sides (same darks and same lights in a block).
3) You can use any quilt-shop quality fabrics you want.
4) Nine patch blocks must measure 3 1/2" square (unfinished). Individual squares are 1 1/2". (See my thoughts below on how to mass produce!)
5) Blocks will be swapped at the April morning meeting of Pfaff Club on April 10. Evening people should get their bags to be swapped to me before then and I will give you back your swapped bags at the evening meeting on April 17.
6) You are not required to make the layout shown. You can use the nine-patches in any pattern/design of your choosing! Can't wait to see what's created!
Here are my thoughts for mass-producing!
  1. If you use width of fabric strips, you need three 1 1/2" strips of dark and three 1 1/2" strips of light. The darks would be of the same fabric and the lights would be of the same fabric. Sew into two strip sets 1) dark-light-dark and 2) light-dark-light. Press seams to the dark. Cross cut these at 1 1/2". You should get about 28 cuts from each strip set. Using two units from strip set #1 and one unit from strip set #2, sew together with #2 in the middle. The seams will butt so you should have nice matching points. Doing it this way you can make 13 or 14 nine patches. That would mean 12 to swap and 1 or 2 for you to keep for your project (cause we know you love the fabric and want to have some of your own in your own quilt!) You will have some leftovers from set #2. (Opportunity for creativity??!! Or just cut what you need and leave the remainder strip set in tack.) Repeat to make 11 more combinations.
  2. If you are using fat quarters, you will need five 1 1/2" strips from each dark and four 1 1/2" strips from each light and will make two strip sets of #1 and one strip set of #2 combinations. You may or may not get an extra nine-patch for you to keep but you will make 12 to swap. If my thinking is correct, you could purchase six dark fat quarters and six light, cut two sets of strips from each and mix & match to get 12 sets of different nine patches.
  3. If you decide to use scraps, you've got the idea of what to do. Just make sure there are only two colors/fabrics in each nine-patch.
I will be happy to do a demo at a future club meeting on how to do the Peaky & Spike block that is used in the setting above. And the Creative Grids Stripology Ruler would make cutting the 1 1/2" strips and segments super easy and accurate!
Hope you enjoy this! Its our first ever block swap in Pfaff Club! EVER!!
Be a part of this Historic Event!!

2018 Club Challenge
Batik Club and Repro Club have invited members of the Pfaff Club to participate in this year's miniature quilt challenge that is shown at the Norcross Carriage House in August.  Here are the block instructions and the "Rules of Engagement".  The quilt exhibit will be August 24 & 25 and quilt will be due August 18.